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CEO GOLF, also known as The CEO GOLF Club, is a private business club with chapters in South Africa and the United States. It connects like-minded and equal business-level people around the world in a relaxed setting. Our members only golf tournaments and advanced networking platform brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of life who share a common interest, the love for the game of golf. Since 2010, the club has played host to the annual Trophy Cup Series, a golf league played in South Afria. It consists of 5 championship style golf tournaments open to both the upcoming amateur and seasoned professional. CEO GOLF is more than a premier business title: we’re renowned for our “Inside the mind of the CEO” interviews. Explore perspectives on strategy, leadership, innovation, inspiration and more from interviews with top CEOs, high-level executives, business leaders and state ambassadors. We highlight the achievements of the business leader and draws insights from the challenges they’ve faced during their career.
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